Relaxing dental options for anxious patients

January 15, 2016 -

With a new year brings new resolutions… whether it’s to lose that extra 10 pounds to fit into your high school skinny jeans or to kick that nicotine addiction to the curb or maybe  even to have that hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of. 
But what is holding you back from reaching your dental goals? Is it the anxiety of dental tools or seeing the dentist? Let us help you get that smile you’ve always wanted!

We offer a comfortable and personalized environment that caters to patients that feel uneasy in the chair. 

Nitrous Oxide or commonly known as “laughing gas” is a safe and effective agent. It will help you relax once inhaled through a small mask over your nose. It is not intended to put you to sleep, you’ll be able to hear and respond. Ultimately you should feel calm and comfortable with a couple inhales and the effects wear off as soon as the mask is removed. 

Second form of sedation FDC offers is Oral sedation. 
Sedative medication delivered orally helps by slowing the central nervous system. Patients are still aware of their surroundings but are less receptive to external noises and surroundings and even the smell of materials.

The third form of sedation offered at our Frankford location is IV sedation.
This sedation provides a state of deep relaxation. Patients are not bothered by what’s going on around them. This may produce a partial or full memory loss just for the period of time of the treatment which may make time appear to pass quicker. 

With the options that Family Dental Centre offers, your dental needs can be taken care of in as little as one appointment! Call our caring and friendly staff to set up your free consultation today to see which sedation is suited for you and your dental goals