Sensitive Teeth?

February 26, 2016 - Dental Tips

Sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth are one of the most common complaints made by patients. Often times symptoms are felt when eating or drinking hot or cold foods, sweets, crunchy foods, acidic foods, brushing vigorously, having damaged or broken teeth, plaque build up, and even sometimes dental work i.e. cleanings, root planning, crown placement, tooth restoration (although this should go away in 4-6 weeks)

To understand the anatomy of our teeth better….

Dentin, the soft layer that makes up the inner part and roots of teeth have thousands of tiny tubes that lead to the nerve, or the centre of the tooth. When dentin is exposed, any triggers such as receding gums, brushing too hard, teeth decay, wear and tear, build up of plaque, gum disease and/or tooth grinding are able to reach the nerve of the tooth which results in the pain you feel.

Sensitivity is not a disease but rather a condition that progresses over time however, the silver lining to this is that there are many different options to control sensitive teeth.

Brush, floss and rinse regularly. Use proper oral hygiene techniques to thoroughly clean your mouth.

  • Use a soft bristled tooth brush and brush gently.

  • Use sensitivity tooth paste, you can even rub it in the localized area of sensitivity.

  • avoid acidic and sweet foods and drinks

  • use fluoridated dental products (ask your dentist about which products are available for home use)

  • Don’t grind at night and get a night guard

  • and most importantly set up an appointment with your dentist to go over which option would be the recommended ideally for you.